A Great Lead Source


Good morning!

You cannot pick up a magazine or newspaper or flip on the TV without hearing the phrase, “It was one year ago…” and then be reminded of some COVID-related anniversary point from 2020.

Apparently, originality in journalism is dead.

However, what comes next can be a great lead source…

Along with that popular subject comes another. Here, the focus of the article is some version of: “Which trends are sticking around and which industries will see growth?”

Because none of us had any experience with pandemic, we didn’t know which industries would grow, which would shut down, and which would be completely unaffected by COVID-19. The automobile industry, for example, believed sales would disappear and canceled millions of dollars worth of semiconductor chips as a result. Today, there is a worldwide shortage because of the rush on car sales no one saw coming.

But now we do. And people are writing and talking about it. And these are lead sources for you.

In subsequent editions of the Wall Street Journal, there were articles about sharp recoveries in airlines and hotels. The next day, there was a piece on the return of the trade shows. Each of these news items represents a selling opportunity for an attentive sales rep.

Are you paying attention?

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