Meet Bill Farquharson

Bill teaches sales topics with a simple, fundamentals-based approach and an anecdotal and entertaining message that is instantly-applicable, personal, and meaningful.

Who I am and why I want you to succeed...

I’m a sales trainer and presenter who’s been marinating in the print, signage, label, and packaging industries for the last, oh, 35 years or so.

My sales career started in 1982 and I was fortunate to have been “classically trained” in the fundamentals. The direct sales experience I have in these Graphic Arts industries has earned me credibility with my audiences and clients.

Somewhere around 2010, I started creating content, adding some fun to an otherwise boring subject. Today, my weekly sales videos, blogs, and monthly column go out to thousands of people all over the planet.

While sales is sales – that is to say, universal  – there are some challenges to selling print that reps and owners believe are unique to them. My goal is to help my clients, readers, learners, and listeners find effective strategies to grow their sales.  I’ll give you a hint, you have had the power all along!

Industry Expert

Worldwide print vendor Canon USA partners with Bill to create training programs and content to engage and educate equipment customers.

Sales Coach

Bills works with sales reps and selling owners giving advice and instruction to improve selling skills, reinforce effective habits, and drive sales growth.


Author of "25 Best Sales Tips Ever!" book series; "Who's Making Money at Digital Inkjet Printing & How" (co-authored with Kelly Mallozzi); Bill is a prolific columnist, vlogger, blogger, and podcaster.

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