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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Five Non-Selling Habits That Will Grow Your Sales

Have you ever met someone and taken an instant liking to them?

Has the opposite ever happened?

It is said you have eight seconds to grab someone’s attention. That factoid is typically quoted when the subject matter has to do with advertising. However, I think it has a place in the sales world as well. Either way, the point is, sales are made because of the small things just as much as the big ones. One of them is to be likable.

Here are five ideas for you to help in that category, simple to use and completely free:

  1. Use someone’s name — This one is ridiculously easy. Back in the day, it was one of the best ways to get past the gatekeeper receptionist. This is a habit you should develop all day, from reading the name tags of people you come into contact with to the voicemail messages you leave for prospects whom you’ve never spoken with.

  2. Say “Thank you” for an order — A customer calls and places a reorder. In addition to acknowledging receipt and setting a delivery expectation, throw in something like, “I appreciate the business” or “Thank you for entrusting me with this job.” Not every order is going to generate commissions big enough to give little Timmy that operation, but every order deserves recognition and appreciation.

  3. Smile — Whether you are in person, on a Zoom call, or over the phone, smile! We all saw that video of the lawyer with his cat filter on. Did you catch Col. Sanders in the upper right-hand corner? Not even a smirk. Smile. It’s free. It changes the tone even if no one can see it. It’s disarming. We are selling print, not saving the world. Lighten up, Francis.

  4. Send a thank you note— Especially for a first-time order, there is nothing like a handwritten note expressing thanks to foster a relationship.

  5. Ask a question and then probe the answer — Most people I know ask a question not because they want to know the answer, but rather they want to tell you theirs. Get out of this habit as soon as possible. Remember these three words: “Tell me more.” People love talking about themselves. Let them.

My long-standing belief is that people will find a way to do business with the people they like. That’s regardless of price. Being likable is an actionable item, to put it in sales terms.

And it doesn’t cost a thing, so you don’t need to be the lowest bidder!

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