I Sure Hope You’ve Been Hacked

I received an email last month which read, “Kindly find enclosed the following prospered superior offerings for Jim’s Print Communications latest unmatched custom printing solutions quality development to assess and advanced innovation to our newly added quality printing services approach highlighted below for your consideration accordingly.”

That is unedited, other than swapping out the company name to “Jim’s.” I literally did a copy-and-paste from the original email.

When I read it, I thought to myself, “I sure hope they’ve been hacked.” Why? Because if they sent that out intentionally, it will be damaging to their goal of landing business.

You might think you are in the print business, however you are also in the accuracy business, the be-on-time business, and the communications business. Put two pair of eyes on everything that goes out. If the thought, “I wonder if this is appropriate” crosses your mind, it probably isn’t.

And if you ever get an order from someone who receives an email like this, get paid upfront.

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