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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

No News is the Worst News

Which is worse, the supply chain delays or communicating with customers about supply chain delays? In this week’s blog, Bill Farquharson shares his frustration with a Boston-area accounting firm and draws a parallel to one of the biggest issues a sales rep faces today.

Allison and I are frustrated with our Accountant. Our 2020 taxes remain unfiled for reasons we can’t understand.

The reason why we can’t understand? We have no information to go by. Worse, they are sharing nothing unless we initiate a request.

We have been looking for updates since the beginning of August. Our email requests are met with various forms of, “It’s coming.”

You’ll have it before Labor Day.

You’ll have it just after Labor Day.

And the latest, You’ll have it tomorrow.

Each of these updates came only after we reached out to them. While the delays are frustrating, the fact that no one is taking initiative on their end is even more so.

This situation should sound familiar to you.

Surely, you are facing extended delays due to shortages in materials. Are you keeping your customers up-to-date or you waiting for them to contact you because you believe no news is good news?

It’s not. No news is the worst news.

Originate updates. Communicate frequently.

Your clients might not like what you have to hear, but they will like it less if you leave them in the dark.

Anyone know of a good accountant south of Boston?

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