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The Sales Vault is both a resource and a community platform featuring an active calendar of live workshops, on-demand sales courses, live peer-to-peer discussion, and 35+ years of Bill’s content all searchable by sales challenge.


Every challenge you face as a sales rep or selling owner has been overcome by someone else. The Sales Vault contains lessons in the form of live workshops, peer-to-peer communication, on-demand sales training courses, and thousands of instantly applicable sales resources developed by Bill Farquharson who has coached and trained tens of thousands in the Graphic Arts over the last 35+ years.

Picture this...Your company just hired a new sales coach who asks: "what are your sales challenges?" Which of the following best describes your obstacles?

Review the lists below and click to watch the quick videos to learn how The Sales Vault can help you overcome these obstacles and impact sales growth. Then, activate your free 30 day trial to find your answers.

“Bill has great, down-to-earth business skills and solid sales advice backed up by a process that really works. I know it because I have spoken with many salespeople that absolutely rave about his services and the impact that he, personally, has had on their careers.”

Cary Sherburne

Senior Editor, WhatTheyThink

Time Management

• There’s just not enough time of the day
• I get easily distracted
• I suffer from procrastination
• I could be better organized
• I’m not sure what to do first
• I struggle with my work life balance

Selling Skills

• I am NOT a sales rep!
• I am new to sales
• I keep hearing, “Your price is too high”
• Not sure where to look for leads
• Don’t know what to say in order to get appointments
• I have no formal process in place

Customer Communications

• No one answers their phone
• Hard to connect with people these days
• No one returns my calls
• My prices are always too high
• They already have a vendor
• People aren’t buying right now


• I am not motivated to sell
• It’s the economy!
• People only buy on price anyway
• I’m an introvert
• My head is just not in sales

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I had just come off my worst sales month ever and needed answers. I wanted to hear what successful reps were doing, so I joined the Sales Vault. You’ve always been a great source of information, ideas, leadership, and inspiration and I figured The Vault would be a great resource. From what I have seen so far, I was right!

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