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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Read This If You Don’t Write So Good

The written word is far more important and powerful than the spoken word. What takes you months or even years to create can be destroyed instantly when the wrong sentiment is committed to paper.

Some people have a way with words. Other people not have way."

Steve Martin

Across generations, there are differences in opinion when it comes to what’s important what isn’t. Take Casual Friday, for example. It is highly likely what a 20-something would call casual, a 60-something would consider barely acceptable for changing the oil in a car.

The same can be said for grammar.

The older generations are almost always far more picky when it comes to the proper use of the English language. As time goes on and the years add up, everyone tends to look back on the young’uns with disdain when reviewing written communication.

Without casting any judgment here and without providing any embarrassing examples, this 60-something wishes to point out the “invisible” value and damage that is possible when your approach to the written word is, um, casual.

Let’s say you send a prospect an email. Get it right (i.e.-use grammar) and no one will notice. That’s what is meant by invisible value.


Get it wrong and the potential damage is just as invisible, meaning you will never know because the person you wrote to will choose not to do business with someone they deem careless. Yes, a simple email is an extension of your company, your quality, and your brand. How can you get a print job right if you don’t the difference between, “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma.”

If you don’t write so good, make certain you have someone take a look at what you’ve written before hitting “Send.”

Especially if you see nothing wrong with the first 6 words of that last paragraph.

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