Speaking & Workshops

Delivered with high-energy and fast wit, Bill keeps audiences engaged and leaves them with proven tools and strategies to win new customers and bigger deals.

Sales Keynote Topics

The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever!

60-90 minutes​

A high-energy presentation that delivers on its title and then some! Bill Farquharson is known for his Monday morning sales tips and he has gathered his 25 best. This program will motivate and provide instantly-applicable ideas for sales growth for sales reps and selling owner at all levels of experience!

The 4 Keys to Sales Success ​

60-90 minutes​

A presentation that focuses on the question all salespeople ask—Why aren’t I selling more?—and then covers the fundamentals of sales: Make a high-value sales call on the right target applying a process with diligence.

Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How? ​​

60-90 minutes​

This presentation is aimed at companies who are either selling digital/inkjet now or are still on the sidelines, teaching how to find a successful and profitable approach.

Other Sales Keynote Topics:

• New Rules For Hiring, Compensating and Retaining Sales People
• Managing the Client Lifecycle
• The Sales Triathlon (Time Management, Objections, Voice Mail)
• How to Be Remarkable

Sales Workshops

Why Aren’t You Selling More?

60-90 minutes​

Bill does this workshop with no PowerPoint slides and no formal structure, just five words and a pad of paper. It identifies the key challenges salespeople are facing and delivers ideas to overcome them. **Note: This can also include one-on-one meetings with salespeople to evaluate and drive the workshop’s points home.**

The Challenges of The Selling Owner

60-90 minutes​

If you own the print shop, you ARE the sales force. Back in the day, the business would find you. Now, you need to go find business. This special workshop teaches owners what they need to do to become salespeople.

Identifying and Selling Digital/Inkjet Opportunities

60-90 minutes​

This hands-on workshop works with live prospects, researching each to find the digital/inkjet possibilities and then creating a strategy for success.
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