The Follow Up Ghost

Who’s Afraid of Follow-Up Ghosts?

It’s probably the number one thing I talk about these days:

“Bill, I’ve submitted my bid and have followed up several times but cannot reach the customer. What do I do?”

Being “ghosted” might be a new term but it’s an old problem. Somewhere along the line, people stopped acknowledging multiple call attempts.

As they say, common courtesy is no longer common.

So, we call to follow up.

And we call again.

And again.

But then, the ghost appears and questions arise: Do I call? How often? When do I stop?

Hopefully, after reading this blog, the last time this happened to you will be the last time it happens to you.

Think about the questions you have when you are being ghosted. Don’t you wish you had their answers? Don’t you wish you had asked them when you had the chance?

Well, next time, do!

When you are speaking with the client and going over the specs, this is the time to handle this issue. Make certain before you get off the phone call or before you leave the meeting, you have the following information:

  • Who is making the final decision?
  • When is that decision being made?
  • When should I follow-up?
  • How should I follow up? Email? Phone call? Cell phone? Text?

And the most important question of all…

What happens if I can’t reach you? What should I do?

Moving forward, you need to assume the client will ghost you. As such, make certain you know how to track them down. By getting the answer to those questions—and especially the last one—you will not only know how best to reach the prospect but also how long to pursue.

Most people will say some version of, “Call my cell and keep trying.” This gives you permission to be persistent.

You cannot teach your prospect manners. However, you can handle the issue of being ghosted after a bid has been delivered, as the bid is being delivered.

You ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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