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The Best 4 Words a Rep Can Hear

Managing sales success is expensive. With training, hiring a CSR, marketing, and generating leads it can be thousands of dollars. In Bill’s blog this week, he offers up a 4 word statement that works and is completely free!

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You Are Not Alone

While selling remotely might save you gas and allow you to wear your slippers, it can cause you to wonder, “Am I the only one having trouble connecting with customers and prospects?” In this blog, Bill answers that and shares two traits all of his clients are experiencing.

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Are You Living the Dream?

Do you love what you do? Sure, it’s harder than ever (and that’s saying something), but you don’t need to do what Bill’s daughter-in-law did and join the circus to find happiness. Don’t let these unprecedented conditions get you down. Read’s Bill’s blog instead.

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Get Out Ahead of Problems

Good news: You got the order! Bad news: You got the order and now have to tell the client the normal delivery of 4 days is now 3 weeks…maybe. While this is the new reality we are living in, there is work for sales reps to do in order to keep a customer’s head from exploding and Bill Farquharson names it in this week’s blog.

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No News is the Worst News

Which is worse, the supply chain delays or communicating with customers about supply chain delays? In this week’s blog, Bill Farquharson shares his frustration with a Boston-area accounting firm and draws a parallel to one of the biggest issues a sales rep faces today.

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Don’t Not Make Calls

Are your phones extra quiet this week? Is your email inbox lonely? The week before Labor Day is notoriously calm and “less than” when it comes to business activity. If you think that means you can sit back on your heels, think twice and read Bill’s blog this week.

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