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Good morning!

This is sales tip will be released on Monday, March 1. Its timing gives me the perfect opportunity to challenge you. Because the first business day of March falls on a Monday, here is my suggestion:

I challenge you to make a daily sales activity commitment for the next 90 days. Beginning today and running through the end of May, how many sales calls will you commit to making, at minimum, on a daily basis?




I will define “sales call” as, “A phone call, voicemail, email, or face-to-face visit with a new or existing customer provided the communication with existing customers have to do with new business.”

What you do, or for that matter what you don’t do, in these next 90 days will affect your business growth— and in particular, your new business growth— right into the fall.

Bonus tip: Make your sales activity goal reasonable and achievable. It should be something you can reach, exceed, and maintain.

Bonus tip: Keep track of your call count. Ask someone to hold you accountable. You might even think about doing this challenge with someone else and reporting to each other.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to adjust your number if it becomes untenable.

Bonus tip: If you fall short one week, recommit for the following week.

Bonus tip: Aim for daily success, but think in terms of the whole week. So, 5 calls a day is 25/week. If you hit 7 on Monday, you have 2 calls “in the bank.” You can only make 3 on Tuesday if you like.

The single most important sales characteristic you can have and the biggest factor in your sales success is diligence.

Set a goal.

Make the calls.

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