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My weekly sales coaching program is specific to the Graphic Arts aimed at reps and selling owners at all skill and experience levels. It features weekly phone coaching, supplemental online training, sales activity goals and follow-up/accountability to make certain those goals are met.  Additionally, weekly coaching includes access to the Sales Vault.

For the Novice

Participants new to print sales are taught three initial lessons:

  • Where to find the best companies to call on
  • Pre-call research: What to say in order to land appointments
  • How to create an effective prospecting process


For the Seasoned Sales Rep

For more experienced reps, training is customized to meet their needs and takes into account their selling situation (what they want for themselves) as well as goals set forth by their company (what someone else wants for them).

The Investment

The cost of this program is $750 per month per rep charged to a credit card. There is no minimum length of stay and satisfaction is completely guaranteed, as is all my work. References from very happy and successful clients are always available.

The Weekly Coaching program also includes VIP membership to the Sales Vault and all it’s benefits.


Sales training is an investment of time and money. In order to
improve, commitment must exist. I work with those committed to a process and willing to put in the work necessary to improve. It’s not easy. It’s hard. But the rewards are available to anyone able to repeat a series of steps.  The key is to make a high-value, well-researched sales call to the right target market while applying a process with diligence. That’s exactly what this weekly coaching program teaches.

Why Weekly?

Roughly a year ago, it occurred to me that all of the clients I speak to weekly are successful as opposed to only some of those in programs featuring less frequent conversations. Upon this realization, I dropped all training initiatives except for this one.  It is for this singular reason: this is the only training program I offer.

I know it works and experience continues to prove it to be correct!

Weekly instruction, review of past calls, and establishing a plan for the week ahead are all a part of the conversation. This creates a learn-then-apply, learn-then-apply pattern that allows for quick correction, ongoing lessons and support, and accountability of sales activity goals.

What We’ll Focus On

The Fundamentals
There are three basic things a new salesperson needs before they step off the curb and make a sales call:

  1. Where to look
  2. What to say
  3. A Process

The above is 75% of it.

The rest of it— Time management, Overcoming objections, Beating voicemail, etc.— are ongoing lessons gained along the way from sales experience and coaching calls. Weekly coaching affords the opportunity to make improvements as the sales rep “runs the play” (i.e.— starts making sales calls), encounters sales challenges, and needs answers.

Individual Account Strategy
It’s very important to engage a prospect not at the “quote” stage of the job where it’s all about price but rather at the “design” stage where ideas are offered to help business needs get met. We will talk about specific accounts, how to get in the door, and how to position yourself as a solutions-provider and not just a printer, thus avoiding the price objection altogether.

The Company Agenda
An initial conversation with the manager/president typically reveals what the sales rep needs and/or what is required from the training. In each weekly call, I take notes so subsequent conversations can include follow-up on goals and strategies from previous weeks. Monthly conversations with managers/presidents are held to provide updates and share information.

How to Get Started

The first step? Let’s have a conversation.  If you are the sales rep/participant, let’s talk about your sales challenges and expectations. If you are a manager or president, I want to hear more about the situation, your team’s strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Call me at 781 – 934 – 7036 or hit this link and find a time on my calendar that works for you. If you are ready to go, click here and get enrolled.

About Weekly Coaching

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Paula Fargo
Curry Printing

Bill is the definitive “go-to guy” when looking for sales consulting in the printing business. I’ve been working with Bill for over a decade now, and have never been disappointed. I recommend him without reservation!

Jeff Meade
President, SpeedPro

It is impossible to detail all Bill Farquharson has done to help me grow my business in the last two years.  Bill is a true sales coaching & training professional. He utilizes a proven sales system and holds me accountable. Bill exceeded any and every expectation of a sales coach. I highly recommend him.

Andre Bernard
Xerox Canada

I have worked with Bill many times over the past 15 years and have hired him to speak to our sales staff and to speak to our customers about growing their businesses, managaging sales staff and developing their brand values. Customer feedback on Bill and his work is always terrific. If you are looking to grow your business I would recommend Bill.

Dave Leskusky
NAPCO Media, President

If you’re looking for a sales professional that WILL help you sell more, then Bill is your guy. In addition to having mad sales skills, Bill’s energy and outgoing personality makes his advice easy to absorb.

Marni Smith
Curry Printing

I honestly don’t know where I would be as a sales rep if it weren’t for working with Bill Farquharson.

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