What do the best of the best in Sales have in common? Coaching.

Weekly Sales Coaching for the Graphic Arts

Whether you are a novice seeking the fundamentals of sales, or a legacy rep looking to sharpen the saw, the key to your success is establishing a prospecting plan, applying that plan with diligence and being held accountable.

Bill works with sales reps, sales managers, and selling owners of all ages, skills, and experience levels.  Weekly coaching features a 45 minute phone or Zoom call along with supplemental online training, sales activity goal setting and accountability to ensure those goals are met.

In addition to one-on-one interaction with Bill, weekly coaching includes an Insider Membership in The Sales Vault for additional tools, resources, live workshops, and peer discussions.

The Investment

The cost of this program is $750 per month per person/sales representative charged to a credit card. There is no minimum length of stay and satisfaction is completely guaranteed. References from very happy and successful clients are always available.

What we'll focus on:

Sales Fundamentals

Where to look...what to say...a process. That's the first 75%. The rest of it? Time management, overcoming objections, beating voicemail - these are ongoing lessons gained along the way from sales experience and coaching calls. We'll make improvements as you "run the play".

Individual Account Strategy

We will talk about specific accounts, how to get in the door, and how to engage the prospect well before the quote stage by positioning yourself as a solutions-provider and not just a printer, thus avoiding price objection altogether.

The Company Agenda

At the outset of our coaching, initial conversations with both the trainee and sales leadership helps to define overall sales training goals. During each new week, we review goals that were set the prior week and track progress. Monthly progress is shared with sales leadership.

What to expect...

Instruction, review of past sales calls, and establishing a plan for the week ahead are all a part of the weekly conversation. This creates a learn-then-apply, learn-then-apply pattern that allows for quick correction, ongoing lessons and support, and accountability of sales activity goals.

Weekly Phone/Zoom Check-ins

You select a time that works best for you.

Supplemental Online Training

All coaching clients have VIP access to The Sales Vault including on-demand training programs and live workshops.

Sales Activity Goals

Together we will establish specific achievable sales activity goals for the week ahead.

Follow-Up & Accountability

Be prepared to discuss your goals for the week ahead, and report back the following.

Sales coaching works.
But don't just take our word for it...

Trusted by thousands of companies

So...what are you waiting for? Let's Talk.

If you are the sales rep/participant, let’s talk about your sales challenges and expectations. If you are a manager or president, I want to hear more about the situation, your team’s strengths and weaknesses, etc.