Your Sales Backup Plan

When you go on vacation, does someone cover your accounts? Of course. That is your backup plan.

A few weeks ago, I posted a sales to, saying it was a good idea to approach companies with a, “Let me be your backup vendor” sales pitch. My thinking was, as the economy grows in this $1.9 trillion infusion of money, it would be a good idea for companies to have pre-approved vendors lined up in the event their primary vendor can handle the work.

But, what about you? What’s your backup plan? What happens when your plant fills up with orders?

What happens if a key piece of equipment goes down? What if, as I pointed out yesterday’s sales tip, your rush delivery times are three weeks or more?

The time to have this thought process is now. None of this matters, until it does.

It would be a nice problem to have, wouldn’t it? That is, if you get so overwhelmed with orders you are tempted to turn work away. Nice problem, but still a problem.

Think it all through now and set up a contingency plan.

Oh, you might want to use up those vacation days soon. You are going to be busy!

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