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Think of The Sales Vault as an ongoing source of instantly-applicable ideas for salespeople and selling owners in the Graphic Arts:

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Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer, author, and content creator with 40 years’ sales experience. The Sales Vault brings together his experience as a sales coach, writer, and presenter.

Why the most successful sales reps love my Sales Vault :

Rick Hartley
The Hartley Press
During one of our recent Wednesday Insider Office Hours calls I expressed my frustration with prospects who won’t take my call or respond to my normal sales letters.  You suggested I try the Best Prospecting Letter Ever!  download from the Sales Vault. I did and it worked! Bill, thank you for encouraging me to try to get out of my old way of thinking and try something new.
Joe Foley
The Foley Group
Bill, What you’ve created – whether you intended to or not – is a sales community. The Sales Vault is a place I go to hear how others are solving the same problems I am facing. We’ve developed a solid core I look forward to seeing week after week.
Anne Marie Proulx
Church Offset Printing
I’ve been absent from Sales Vault programs for a while getting my kids started in school.  It’s good to be back. I wanted the support of like-minded people who are going through what I’m going through.
Dave Johnsen
Allegra Print

I had just come off my worst sales month ever and needed answers. I wanted to hear what successful reps were doing, so I joined the Sales Vault. You’ve always been a great source of information, ideas, leadership, and inspiration and I figured The Vault would be a great resource. From what I have seen so far, I was right!

Kerry caba
CPC Printing

I am always looking for something unique. I need the new ideas the Sales Vault provides, such as the best prospecting letter ever!

Eric Call

$350 for one year is a no-brainer for one great idea or a kick in the ass.

Tom Remsen
Hub-Remsen Print Group

Bottom line – Bill’s mentoring reminded me of why I love selling print. His ability to reestablish sales fundamentals and apply them to newer prospecting tactics during a nationwide lock down has been remarkable.  My numbers are up, as is my outlook.  You’re “wicked good” at sales, Bill!

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