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Welcome to Bill! Bill creates a lot of content. In fact, if you could figure out a way to make him stop, you’d be a hero in the Graphic Arts. Just kidding. Each Monday, he releases a new Short Attention Span Sales Tip, a video that covers a different sales topic each week. Below are a few examples of the more popular tips he has posted over the last 10 years. For videos like these, visit Bill Farquharson’s YouTube Channel

The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever! Series

Choose from the first two books in the series designed for Print and Sign industry sales.



The25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever by Bill Farquharson

The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever!

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The 25 Best Sign Sales Tips Ever by Bill Farquharson

The 25 Best Sign Sales Tips Ever!

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These books deliver.

Bill Farquharson’s The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever!  series delivers 25 easy-to-follow tips for sales reps and selling owners in the print and sign industries.  The material is relevant, interesting, entertaining, and instantly-applicable.



This tip unlocks more selling time…


Use Tip #5 and never cold call again…ever!


Tip #6 shows you how to beat voicemail.


Coming up against the “price” objection? Apply Tip #17.


All Tip #21 does is teach you how to land that BIG FISH


Read the book…You simply can’t live without this one…

A new book from Bill Farquharson & Kelly Mallozzi

Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How?


Everybody in Printing Needs this Book


Whether you own the equipment or are still on the sidelines, Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and how? can be the difference between success and failure .

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“Get answers and ideas from someone who’s walked the walk – someone who has conquered the same sales challenges you are facing.”

Who I am and why I want to help you succeed.

I am a sales trainer and presenter who’s been marinating in the print, signage, label, and packaging industries for the last, oh, 35 years or so.

My sales career started in 1982 and I was fortunate to have been “classically trained” in the fundamentals. The direct sales experience I have in these Graphic Arts industries has earned me great credibility with my audiences and clients. While sales is sales–that is to say, universal–there are some challenges to selling print that reps and owners believe are unique to them. [Read More]

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What the Experts are Saying

  • 5
    "I am in the print industry and had this book on my desk for about a month before I finally opened it up. I am sorry I waited so long! Great book, well thought out and very useful. It has given me a solid framework to ramp up my prospecting activity, and I am feeling very good about my progress so far."— Review
    Great Book!
  • 5
    "This is definitely worth the investment. Make no mistake - Bill’s “25 Tips” is a great book for ANY salesperson who wants to up their game in any industry, not just print sales. I recommend it." — Review
    Great Sales Tips!
  • 5
    "This is a great book and, in my opinion, it's a must read for anyone interacting with clients in a sales, business development or customer service capacity in the marketing communications industry. The one thing I'd change? The title. There are way more than 25 tips in here!"— Review
    Way more than 25 tips…
  • 5
    "I've been following Bill since I started in print sales, and he sure delivers. This book is not only sage advice, but a good read, front to back. His tips are invaluable, his writing is humorous, yet to the point. I also recommend this book to those in any type of sales, not just print, but I do appreciate the relevance to the printing industry. Putting Bill's tips into practice has yielded me a great success, and if you follow them they will greatly improve your results as well. Thanks, Bill!"— Review
    Great Read, Great Tips, Great Process to follow
  • 5
    "Bill Farquharson is a legend in the print industry and has written a must-read book for anyone in print sales, marketing, customer service or biz dev. His practical, feet-on-the-street advice will benefit salespeople of all stripes, whether experienced, newbie, successful, on the sales roller coaster or in the C Suite. Different parts of the book will appeal to different people, but this is a good thing. Many of Bill's tips apply far beyond the print industry, so I'd recommend this book for anyone in any "tough sale" industry. A couple of examples: overcoming sales objections and his proven prospecting process."— Review
    It’s about time
  • 5
    "This is the 25 Best...... I've been in the printing industry since 1988 and Bill hits a home run with this book!! Read it, put it into action, it works!!" — Review
    Read it, put it into action, IT WORKS!!
  • 5
    "Wonderful book on sales. Definitely a must read for anyone that is involved in a sales or sales management position. Bill does a fantastic job of presenting the tips and then at the end encourages the reader to act on the tip in the "Your Turn" section. Highly recommended." Review
    Wonderful Book on Sales
  • 5
    "After hearing Bill speak and discuss this topic I had to have the copy for my reference. Money well spent."  — Review
    Sharpening the Sales Skills Necessity
  • 5
    “Your Blitz program is the talk of my sales team. They love its competitive nature and even the reps who complained about being included are now raving about the results.” -- Dave Tulk, BottomLineInk”
    Raving about the Results
  • 5
    "Possessed of a quick mind, and a rarely tethered rapier wit, he leavens his rat-a-tat-tat selling tools barrage with equal bits of chutzpah and humanity. The folks who engage with him and implement his ideas assiduously, will sell more." - Kevin Keane, Attorney At Law
    You Will Sell More
  • 5
    "Bill has great, down-to-earth business skills and solid sales advice backed up by a process that really works. I know it works because I have spoken with many sales people that absolutely rave about his services and the impact he, personally, has had on their careers." - Cary Sherburne - Editor, WhatTheyThink
    A Process That Really Works
  • 5
    "Dynamic speaker, energizing sales trainer, and positive influence all come to mind as I think about Bill. His focus on the printing industry makes him the go-to person for sales training." Cheryl Nolan - CMIT Solutions
    Dynamic & Energetic Sales Trainer
  • 5
    "This is a must read for anyone interacting with clients in a sales, business development or customer service capacity in the marketing communications industry. The one thing I'd change? The title. There are way more than 25 tips in here!" Bruce Browning - OlleyMay Media
    Way more than 25 tips!

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